Car and trailer driving test, B+E

We have taught hundreds of drivers how to drive while towing a trailer and we’d like to take you through the course and get you your license.

Class B is your car licence and if you passed this before 1st January 1997 you are already allowed to tow a trailer, i.e. you are already B+E licensed. If you passed your test after this date you will need to sit a trailer specific driving test, your B+E license, and this is what we are discussing here.

We offer a 3 day intensive driving course followed by your test.  You can see prices here.

To pass the driving test you must be able to:

What do you need to take your test:

We will attend the test with you and sit in the rear of the vehicle during the test.

What happens during the car and trailer test

There are 6 parts to the driving test:

You’ll drive for around 50 minutes but please don’t be worried about this as we will have taught you everything you need to know and practiced all your manoeuvres  with the trailer until you are 100% confident in doing these.

Rules about your vehicle

Rules about your trailer – We will supply a trailer that conforms to these requirements.