Getting Started

How do I become an LGV Driver?

You must be 18 years of age, and hold a full car entitlement (B or B+E) before you can apply to the DVLA for a Provisional category C or D licence.


You must complete application form D2 and send it off with Medical Examination Report D4 filled in and signed by a Doctor and Optician. Include your licence with the forms and send them to the DVLA.


I suggest you start studying for the Theory tests both parts (Module 1) once you have sent off the forms, this will allow you to book your Multiple Choice Questions and Hazard Perception tests as soon as your new licence is returned. You can sit both tests back to back or at different times. See study material at Publications!


Once you have passed both parts of the theory test, call your Instructor and he will organise your practical training and test (Module 3). This is a five-day intensive training course, ending with your test on the fifth day.

Modules 1 and 3 represent your Vocational LGV Licence. To obtain the Driver CPC Initial Qualification, a further two modules are required:


Module 2 is a computer based case-studies test, similar to the Multiple Choice Questions.

See study material at Publications!


Call your Instructor and he will book Module 4 for you, which is a Practical Demonstration Test. You will need the Truck for this – but no driving involved! See study material at Publications!

If you are simply upgrading your licence. For example, from category C (rigid) to category C+E (artic) only the Training and ‘Practical Test’ is required.